Our Industries

After four decades of experience UNICON CRANES caters and offers Industry specific solutions in material handling equipment. We take special care to design and produce products keeping in view the working conditions and usability of any particular industry.

  • Railways
    Railways From handling wagons to engines, Unicon offers tandem operated cranes to handle these critical railways products. The cranes are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and to help increase the production.
  • Sugar
    Sugar Cane unloader, Mill House Cranes, Power House cranes are the heart of the sugar industry. Unicon has developed and integrated the latest technological advancements...
  • Construction
    Construction Designed to handle long pre-casts for Metro projects, Unicon high capacity Gantry cranes with the most modern technology and utmost safety to cater the on going Metro projects of the construction industry.
  • Chemical
    Chemical Designed for to cater to the demanding process application in the chemical industry, Unicon offers special Grabbing cranes to handle the chemicals, which directly helps to increase the plant production output.
  • Steel
    Steel Designed for the stringent steel plant environment, Unicon offers specialized Ladle Handling, Billet Handling, Magnet Cranes and many other customized solutions specifically designed for the Steel Industry.
  • Power
    Power Designed to handle Turbines with outmost precision, Unicon Offers customised cranes to handle turbines upto 500T capacity.
  • Automobile
    Automobile Designed, keeping the modern plants of automobile industry and the pre-fabricated sheds, Unicon offers specialised light weight cranes for automobile industry for mould handling and other applications.
  • Engineering
    Engineering From FABRICATION PLANT to Setting up Metro Rail, From Manufacturing of Railways Wagons to Misc loads handling in any industry, Unicon offers solutions specially customised for every need and every industry.